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Cold Rolled Steel Workshop

Cold Rolled coils are produced on high speed 6Hi rolling mills are sopplied by us in both full hard and annealed condition.Superior surface quality of cold coils allow wide application as substrate for metal coating(galvanized)galvalume,raw material for pipes,tubes,drum/door/metal furniture and other general engineering uses.



Hot dipped Galvalume steel Workshop

Galvalume steel coil is a product which is very similar to Galvanized steel but with better corrosion resistance(up to 3 times life of galvanized).The supperior properties of galvalume arise from the unique composition(43.5%Zn,1.5%Si,55%AL) of the metallic coating. Applications include roofing base material for pre-painting.

Galvalume steel Workshop 2



Hot Dipped Galvanized steel Workshop

Galvanized Steel Coils are produced through a process of metal coating which involves passing cold rolled coils through a kettle containing molten zinc. This process ensures adhesion of Zinc to the surface of the steel sheet. The Zinc Layer provides excellent corrosion resistance and prolong service life. Hot dip galvanized products are widely used in household appliances, transport, container manufacturing, roofing, base material for pre-painting, ducting and other construction related applications.

Hot dipped galvanzied steel workshop3


Color coated steel Workshop

Pre-painted coils are produced by coating a layer of paint on the surface of cold rolled, galvanized or galvalume coils. Aesthetic appeal and durability are the key features of color coated steel coils. A wide selection of colors is available to the customer and paints designed to meet specific end use could be specified. Our pre-painted coils are suitable for direct interior as well as exterior application, sandwich panels and so on.

color coated steel workshop_4


Corrugation Workshop—Corrugated Roofing sheet

Corrugation workshop 5


Warehouse and shipment

Warehouse & Shipment 6


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